Leafy Greens

Best Seed Kit! I can’t recommend Pop Up Produce’s Seed Kits enough! The quality of this product with regards to its heirloom seeds, local compost, informational instructions and contribution to the community is really wonderful. The product works for well established gardeners as well as those new to growing, great for children and adults, and makes for a fun gift too!
Perfect Classroom Gift! I bought this indoor garden for a class gift and it was a hit! Finally an educational gift that is fun and keeps on giving! And the best part - for each Pop Up Produce Kit I purchase, they donate one to a food desert. Amazing and wonderful.
Buy One, Donate One. I purchased this kit because the company donates a kit to a family or school in an urban desert with each kit purchased. How cool right?!?!? The kits are super cute and easy to use!


Cute and fun way to start growing your own food! I absolutely love my Seed Kits from Pop Up Produce! I don’t have a green thumb what-so-ever, but these kits made it so simple to start growing my own plants. I love that they are bundled in adorable, sustainable packaging and for every kit purchase another is provided to those living in food desserts. What a benefit to the environment and the community! Absolutely charming!
Excellent for those who want to start growing their own food! I’ve always wanted to grow food but had zero idea about how to start, this fresh start kit thought me everything I needed to know and gave me the supplies to start growing right away! The easy guide that came with the kit was a life saver for someone like me who thought you just water them when you feel like it. I learned about growing and about patience, plus I grew my own food which is saving me money from having to buy expensive organic food at the grocery store!
Clean and durable packaging with clear and easy to follow planting instructions on a very informative pamphlet. Cute, clean and durable packaging with clear and easy to follow planting directions on a very informative pamphlet. Great gift idea and mine looks great on my window sill. Great to have always fresh, self-renewing herbs to cook with!

Leafy Greens & Herbs

Can’t think of a better way to reap what you sow! My daughter and I love not only the ease of this kit, but also the ability to provide fresh produce to those living in food deserts. Supporting locally owned small businesses/farmers as well as nourishing the community, is something you can’t put a price tag on! (It’s even been a snowy January and our cilantro’s STILL growing!)
A sustainable way to grow your own food and help others do the same. It doesn’t get any easier than this! I bought one of these kits in October and have been very satisfied with the clear instructions and overall ease of use. The varieties included in the kit are chosen because they’re simple to sprout and grow. The kit contents are sustainably sourced with organic seeds and materials: no GMOs here! I loved knowing that my purchase of the kit would support the donation of another kit to a community that needs better access to healthy fresh food.
Awesome gift! Such an awesome gift and great way to give back to the community! I bought a kit for my mom and she LOVED it. The fresh start kit is very well put together and the work they’re doing with the kids at schools in food deserts is very thoughtful. I enjoying giving back and need a present for my mom, so this was a prefect fit. And the food my mom grew tasted delicious!