Community Planting Hubs

Our Fresh Start Kit owners and donors provide the means for our donated Kits to find homes at title 1 schools, community gardens, community and civic centers, all located within food deserts – areas where nutritious food is not readily available due to affordability, distance or access to grocery stores and supermarkets. Our sponsors and partners enable connections within our community, locating homes for our donated Kits. Our team of volunteers helps teach our donated recipients how to plant and grow. Working with community hubs, our donations spread across food deserts affecting more families, incorporate into educational lesson plans, and create a positive impact for the community.  

Bruns Academy

In partnership with the City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services Department, Pop Up Produce provided individual kits for the entire third grade class. After learning how to grow food, students gathered in groups with our team of volunteers and planted their starter kits to grow in the classroom and later transplant to the garden.


Druid Hills Neighborhood Community Garden

A beautiful and hidden gem north of downtown Charlotte, Druid Hills’ garden produces a variety of vegetables for the neighborhood. Our team of volunteers planted leafy greens and herbs with community members, while learning many stories from the garden’s neighborhood participants. 

Shamrock Gardens Elementary Food Desert Solution

Shamrock Gardens Elementary

Our partnership with Crown Town Compost created a collaborative lesson plan to teach the third through fifth grade classes about planting seeds, growing food, and composting food waste. Students loved the full circle learning from seed to soil, and even got a chance to take a whiff of compost breaking down in Crown Town Compost's buckets.

Little Sugar Creek Community Garden Food Desert Solution

Little Sugar Creek Community Garden

An active Friendship Gardens network member, Little Sugar Creek Community Garden donates over 10% of its produce to Friendship Trays, Charlotte’s meal-on-wheels program. Pop Up Produce not only provided supplies for this garden, but also volunteer aid to prep the soil and plant seeds to grow.

Barringer Academic Center Food Desert Solution

Barringer Academic Center

Partnering with Spring Pond Farms, we were fortunate to have owner and farmer, Alan Sherrill, attend our donated plantings and teach the students why it’s important to grow food for its many health and environmental benefits. Students loved the interactive lesson plan while getting their hands dirty and planting seeds in the school’s raised beds.

Helping Food Desert Solution

Wallace Pruitt Recreation Center

Working with one class of students, our team of volunteers taught lesson plans in small groups as we surrounded the recreation center’s two raised beds. The students loved the personal interaction with our volunteers as we scattered seeds, spread compost and shared laughs along the way. 

A Few Thank You Letters From the Kids

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