Our Story

Pop Up Produce was created out of a desire to teach others how to grow their own food, directly linking back to our food source and reducing one’s carbon footprint, while tackling various socio-economic issues such as food disparity, food insecurity and food deserts. At the intersection of commerce and community, Pop Up Produce is deeply rooted in social entrepreneurialism, believing good business should be linked to helping our consumer, helping our environment, and helping our community. Our aim is to “Grow Food | Grow Community” through our Buy One, Donate One Fresh Start Kits. One's lack of knowledge or access to healthy food options should not dictate one's ability to enjoy a healthy diet, consisting of fresh and affordable produce.

Our mission is to empower families and individuals to grow their own food, while educating them on the benefits of fresh produce. With every Fresh Start kit purchase, a family who lives in a food desert and/or attends a Title 1 urban school in the Charlotte area is given an opportunity to grow their own fresh food.

Pop Up Produce is more than just learning how to grow your own food; it’s all about growing, building and shaping a better and brighter community. Those who bought Fresh Start Kits provide the opportunity for kits to find homes at Title 1 schools, community gardens, challenged neighborhoods, community and civic centers, all located within food deserts. Our sponsors and partners enable connections within our community, as well as work with us to create a more enriching program and experience. Our team of volunteers helps package our Fresh Start Kits and assist with teaching how to plant and grow. Every Fresh Start Kit purchase enables Pop Up Produce to continue to fight the food desert fight, growing our community while empowering and educating others. 

Pop Up Produce has organically grown because of our community’s care and compassion to work with us, join our vision, and create a better world. None of what we do is possible without our core civic engagement, strength and support of our community. We hope as you proceed through your own growing experience you can find some quiet time, maybe while you’re in your garden, and reflect back on this message and the story we tell—because of you, someone else is growing, too.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and are always looking for funding and grant opportunities.