Our mission is to empower families and individuals to grow their own food, while educating them on the benefits of fresh produce.


Whether it’s a back yard, front yard, porch or windowsill, Pop Up Produce is a civic engagement project that tackles socio-economic issues, aids in healthy living and educates patrons on the benefits of fresh food.




Food deserts are a real issue and exist in our community. Find out how Pop Up Produce is addressing a lack of access to fresh produce in Charlotte, NC.

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Grow your food

Shop our Fresh Start kits! With your kit purchase, a  kit will be donated to a family or individual residing in a food desert and/or attending a Title 1 urban school.

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Take Action

Ready to take the next step? You can become a contributor to our cause by donating a Fresh Start kit to someone in need, as well as become a sponsor or partner.

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