Social Entrepreneur Presentation at Providence Day

You may be asking, "What is a Social Entrepreneur?" Well, a social entrepreneur is a person who sets out to achieve solutions to social, cultural and/or environmental issues. Pop Up Produce's foundation is based on social entrepreneurship, and sets out to achieve solutions for the trifecta of the mentioned issues; socially, our work addresses food insecurity and inequality of opportunity to food access; culturally, our work seems to "Grow Food | Grow Community" by bridging the gap that separates various communities of different economic backgrounds; and environmentally, by teaching others how to grow food to create a more sustainable food ecosystem.

Providence Day School's economics teacher, Jesse Downs, invited Pop Up Produce Founder and Executive Director, Amanda Zullo, to spend a class period with his high school students and share Pop Up's story in the context of social entrepreneurism. Jesse's students are spending the spring semester working towards a school project in the realm of the work of a social entrepreneur. 

The group of high school students asked insightful and challenging questions, offering opportunities for engaging conversations to be had within the context of how Amanda and Pop Up's story could better help the students craft their own story and work relating to their class project. It was Amanda's hope that her story would inspire some, if not all, of the students to rethink their upcoming college path and "not let the pressure of having to decide on a major" get in the way of students finding and following their passion.

As Amanda told the story of how Pop Up Produce grew from a seed concept into a nonprofit within a year of conception, Jesse articulated her story through the illustrative description as shown in the image above. It was wonderful seeing our story translated into Jesse's whiteboard collage - what a great way to share our work!

Thank you Jesse and Providence Day School for inviting us to come and share our story! We wish your students the best of luck through the discovery and learning process of their project.

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