Marlina's Pop Up Holiday Packaging Party

The holidays are a time for people to come together and share gifts. Every year, Marlina hosts a party for her friends where they all come together and exchange gifts. This year, Marlina decided to do something different.

Marlina met Pop Up Produce back in May at the Fresh Expo event. She loved our mission and how we engage the local community to work together and grow together. So she reached out to Pop Up Produce to see if she could host a Packaging Party at her house before Christmas, allowing her friends to get together, catch up, and instead of gifting gits to one another - give the gift of time and support by helping us package our Fresh Start Kits! It was such an honor to have Marlina reach out with this great idea and we were so happy to have been a part of her wonderful holiday party! She welcomed us into her home with open arms and we can't thank her enough for her wonderful gesture.

Marlina and her friends packaged the last of our 2017 inventory - putting together over 65 Fresh Start Kits that will get shipped out and find homes across our country! Thank you Marlina for all you do! We hope to collaborate with you and your wonderful friends again in the future.

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