Biketoberfest 1-8-17

Biketoberfest is an urban adventure that shows participants how one can get around Charlotte on a bike, without relying on a car!

Pop Up Produce partnered with Sustain Charlotte Community Corps (SCCC) as one of the destination stops along the route, at Sustain Charlotte's office, for Biketoberfest 2017. Biketoberfest participants had a chance to learn about the work we're doing in our local community, specifically our partnership in helping SCCC with Lincoln Height's garden efforts, while playing our interactive health game "Match the Health Benefit with its Seed". The game enables participants to "match" each of the various health benefits that are associated with the 8 types of seeds that are grow in our Fresh Start Kits. 

Almost 600 participants, over 100 volunteers, 32 sponsors, 2 routes and 2 protected bike lanes culminated the success of this year's Biketoberfest. Over $33,000 was raised for Sustain Charlotte - a great success!

EventsAmanda Zullo