Pop Up Produce Makes its Local TV Debut at Ballantyne Corporate Park's Earth Day Celebration

Let’s just say, it takes something really special to pull me out of bed before my usual alarm clock setting. And I mean really special. With work days starting at 7:30 a.m. lately and wrapping up around midnight most nights, alarm clocks are not my friends lately. But, today was a special day. Today, Pop Up Produce was asked along with Shred It, Habitat for Humanity/Charlotte ReStore, Hands on Charlotte and South Charlotte Dog Rescue to share our story on Rising’s Wilson World, a fun segment on the local WCCB channel’s morning news to promote Ballantyne Corporate Park's wonderful Earth Day celebration taking place from 11-2. This debut would mark our first televised experience. When the alarm clock rang at 5 a.m., I was pretty eager to jump out of bed, get ready and travel south to Ballantyne for our filming segment.

As Alex, Pop Up Produce Marketing + Operations Director, and I drove up and saw the WCCB van with the crew filming Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Department, my excitement kicked into high gear. Pop Up Produce was about to be filmed for TV! We set up our table with Fresh Start Kits, a few live herbs, and some literature explaining our story, as well as our new retractable banner with some pretty compelling imagery. I was impressed with the setup and had a feeling the viewers watching the segment would be impressed as well!

Click here to watch the full segment clip.

Click here to watch Pop Up Produce’s clip.

I have to say, Wilson is quite a character. As you notice from the clip, I couldn’t help but laugh through the early part of the filming as we began getting ready for our debut. Despite his “European Redneck” humor (as he coins himself), Wilson cares deeply about the community and is great at entertaining while informing his audience about the various initiatives happening around town. In fact, Wilson was interested in how local volunteers package our Fresh Start Kits and would like to have an upcoming packaging party featured on his show! More details to follow so please stay tuned!

Since the event did not start for a few more hours, Alex and I set up our office at the nearest Starbucks. While sipping on some much-needed coffee and answering some emails, a man turned to me, on his way out, and exclaimed, “You did a really nice job on Wilson’s World this morning!” Wow, it kind of took me aback at first but then the realization hit me; I felt beyond grateful for the outreach and impact that the mere 2 minute, 15 second televised segment provided.

Pop Up Produce had the pleasure of being one of the many local vendors set up at the beautiful Brixham Tent area on a warm cloudless day that afternoon. A highlight from the event would definitely have to be when one lady came up to our table and exclaimed:

My friend saw you on the news this morning and told me I had to run down here during my lunch break and pick up a Pop Up Produce Kit!
— Fresh Start Kit Owner

Our team had a great time and enjoyed talking with event attendees and vendors. We want to thank Hailee and Christina from Northwood Office LLC for inviting us to be a part of the event!