Benefits of Juice Cleanses

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When people are searching for ways to cleanse and rid their body of toxins, they oftentimes look to over-the-counter drugs and pills instead of searching for a  more natural way of ridding their body of toxins. Juice cleansing is a natural and healthy alternative of providing an ample amount of nutrients, while aiding in toxin removal. A juice cleanse is, on average, three days but can last up to several weeks. It includes consuming only fresh juices of fruits and veggies throughout the day, as well as an equal amount of water. Sometimes juice cleanses are suggested to end the day with a light, plant based meal to provide additional nutrients and fiber. It is recommended to do a juice cleanse once every month (for a day or weekend), once every quarter in accordance with the changing of seasons, or ideally twice a year, with the arrival of fall and spring seasons

To get the maximum benefit from a juice cleanse there comes a bit of preparation. It is recommended you start preparing yourself for the cleanse about 4-7 days prior. Depending on your current eating habits, your preparation time may vary. The healthier you current diet is, the less preparation needed! During the preparation phase, it is key that you drink lots of water and cut back on your caffeine intake to help avoid caffeine withdrawal headaches By increasing the amount of water your body is intaking, this helps your cells remain hydrated and contributes to subsiding hunger. What most people don’t know is dehydration is often mistaken for hunger, leading to unnecessary eating. This is one lesson you’ll learn during your juice cleanse. During your preparation phase, it is also important to start adding a decent amount of fruits and veggies into your diet. 1 to 2 days prior to the start of your cleanse, you should slowly eliminate animal based foods (meat, dairy, etc.) out of your diet and move strictly to consuming only plants. Steamed and raw vegetables are suitable for eating during this phase. Once you have finished all of your preparation, there is one last thing to do before you start your cleanse… choose the right one for you! There are hundreds of different cleanses out on the market, but it is important to find the one that works best for you personally and for what your intentions are with the cleanse. For where to buy juice cleanses in the Charlotte area, check out our latest blog!

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Before you begin, choose a quiet time, like a weekend, to conduct your cleanse. You’ll want to make sure you get ample rest. Do not perform your usual hectic routine and if you plan to workout, do something light like yoga or walking. No heavy lifting or hot yoga is recommended as you may feel faint and dizzy! This is your time to reset; read a book, draw a bath, unplug from the world around you, spend time in nature, write about your experience in your journal. Turning inward and enjoying this time for yourself will only enhance your juice cleanse experience.

Here is a list of many of the health benefits from a juice cleanse.

  • Detoxification

  • Boosts and rebuilds the immune system

  • Increases energy, mood and mental focus

  • Improves overall health, wellness, skin

  • Promotion of healthy eating habits and helps curb cravings to unhealthy food

  • Fast, efficient way for your body to absorb vital nutrients without having to expel energy to break down food and digest all the fiber

  • Allows your body to consume a wider range of nutrients from the array of vegetables in the juices

  • Provides good bacteria to your gut

  • Helps fight cancer

  • Helps lower high cholesterol

  • Helps lower blood sugar levels

  • Great for skin

  • Mental clarity

  • Helps reset your body

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During your cleanse, pay attention to the subtle shifts occurring within you. Have you noticed any changes in your behavior? Do you look at food, especially animal based food, differently? Each day you’ll notice different experiences arise. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Once your cleanse is over, give yourself a big pat on the back did it!! You survived the cleanse and you have successfully detoxified your body. It is important to slowly work your way back into your normal eating habits as you ease yourself back from your juice cleanse. Your body has been in a state of rest from eating solid foods so it may be a shock when you return to normal. Much like your preparation phase, transition slowly to eating solid foods again. A great way to start is by eating solid fruits and vegetables. Much like you would conduct a holistic cleaning to your home, your body needs a little spring cleaning too. The best way to do this is by doing a juice cleanse. If you enjoy it, do it again, and even tell your friends! It’s an encouraging and supportive way to go through the cleansing process with others for support. We hope your juice cleanse experience brings about wonderful changes in your body, mind and soul!