What to Plant in Your Garden this February

Photo courtesy of  Veggiegardener.com

Photo courtesy of Veggiegardener.com

It’s that time of year again, when the groundhog decides if winter is to remain or if the beginning of spring is in sight. It’s also the time when the weather is changing constantly. With this, some questions may arise about what to plant in your garden. Here’s a list of things you can plant in your garden this February! 

Please note that this article is based on a region's climate, weather conditions and amount of sunlight. Since our Fresh Start Kit owners live all over the country, this list is more broadly featured and not specifically selected for our local North Carolina residents. To discover what you are able to plant in your garden based on where you live, you'll have to check your location's "Hardiness Zone" first and then go from there.

Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Plant Hardiness Zone Map

●      Begin sowing these veggies outside

○      Rhubarb

○      Asparagus

○      Artichokes

○      Broccoli

○      Lettuce

○      Peppers

●      Begin sowing these indoors

○      Oregano

○      Thyme

○      Sage

○      Basil

○      Tomatoes

Gardening is a great way to be in control of the foods you are consuming and maintain a healthy diet. Hopefully this list will make your gardening troubles a breeze this February.