Healthy Living Begins with a Clean Diet

What is healthy living? There are many aspects to living a happy and healthy life. Think of it like your favorite soup recipe. Without one ingredient, the whole recipe is ruined. It is the same with healthy living; your important ingredient is clean eating! Food gives you the basic nutrients that fuel your body and gives you the energy to go about your day.  Your body needs six essential nutrients each and every day in order to perform its proper bodily functions. These are known as carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.  Without these nutrients you may find yourself feeling sick or very fatigued. You can get these nutrients from eating a variety of things, lots of which would still be clean eating. By eliminating processed foods, GMOs and all the other things that make foods unhealthy, you can do your body good. People often associate clean eating with food that doesn’t taste good. There are so many recipes for foods that taste delicious but are still eating clean. With a little time and research all of the recipes are at your fingertips.

Eating clean can affect your body in many physical ways. Eating clean can lead you to feeling more energized and refreshed. Each one of the six essential nutrients your body needs to go about its day-to-day functions serves a purpose. Carbohydrates and fat both provide your body with energy so you can complete your daily tasks. Eating a great deal of protein helps build and repair tissues within your body, keeping you healthier and in tiptop shape. It is true that eating clean helps keep you healthy physically, but it also keeps you healthy mentally. There are many studies that have proven a diet with a high intake of fruits and veggies leads to a higher feeling of happiness, as well as more energy throughout the day. It has also been proven that adding fruits and veggies into your diet leads to falling asleep quicker and feeling more refreshed when you wake up.

By eliminating toxins from processed foods out of your diet, you are benefiting your physical health, your mental health, and your overall sense of wellbeing. Eating clean is not the only ingredient in living a happy and healthy life, but it sure is a great start.

Giana Spear