Great Garden Gifts for Every Gardener

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If you want to present your gardener friend or family member with a gift for his or her birthday, wedding anniversary, or Christmas present, then here are a couple of relevant, do-it-yourself (DIY) and creative garden gift ideas you can use that are affordable to you but won't feel like an afterthought to them.

Or you can go the safe and predictable route of buying your gardener loved one garden supplies like seeds and soil or garden tools like hoes and shears if you want to play it safe. Whichever works.

Easy Garden Gift Ideas to Try Out

1) Tin Can Herb Planters:

Obviously, gardeners love to garden. So why not get them some tin cans from your kitchen that they can use as cute container pots and whatnot? It makes perfect sense because many a gardener is also an environmentalist and conservationist.

What's more, recycling cans as pots can go hand-in-hand with helping those who wish to create their own produce for the sake of self-sufficiency. You can also use such cans to make a DIY watering pot for good measure. Just poke holes on the underside.

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2) Herb Salt in Recycled Jars

Why would a gardener want herb salt in recycled jars? It's because they're tasty! If you have your own garden and you can spare a few extra herbs from it (from the herbs you're growing for herbal tea), then you can make herb salt using jars.

It's quite the easy gift to make. If you lack herbs because you're not a gardener yourself, you can buy them since you'll still be making the salt itself when you put them in your jar. The jar itself can then be reused for jams, preserves, plant tags and ties, and seeds.

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3) Donating Planting Hubs Together:

If you want a gift that keeps on giving, you can have your gardener friend or family member become a Fresh Start Kit donor by donating in his or her name (or donating together) kits that can be sent to civic centers, community gardens, and Title 1 schools.

If your loved one is a person that loves gardening-related humanitarian causes, then the Fresh Start Kit Project of introducing sources of nutritious foods to desert areas where such produce isn't readily available might be right up his or her alley.

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4) DIY Plant Labels:

Gardeners typically have tool kits that they want to accessorize. That is why making do-it-yourself plant labels for their plant markers are such a great gift idea in light of their hobby. Such a gift serves as a low-cost, easy, and quick way to win over the heart of a gardener.

Just gather planks of wood, smooth rocks, twigs, or plant shells then add plant names using non-toxic paint. Be creative in your creation of these labels. This is garden arts and crafts your gardener friends will enjoy. Make them decorative, simple, and some such.

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5) Garden in a Box: 

A polystyrene box that's usually given away by many a grocer can be repurposed and turned into a planter's box instead. They're perfect for planting and putting soil or potting mix on them because they naturally have drainage holes. Many a guide also exists in how to create a polystyrene garden box.

You can even transplant seedlings or plant seeds on such a box. It can also be decorated in any which way you want. This gardener's gift can serve as the perfect present for a budding gardener since it can serve as a child's first garden of sorts. Or it can serve as your grownup gardener pal's extra pot.

6) Seed Tape

You can make seed tape out of seeds. Your gardener friend will flip out when he or she finds out that you have a tape of plantable seeds for him or her. Seeds of radishes and carrots (as well as their flowers) can work great with this tape. Just glue the seeds down with paste made from water and flour.

Apply the glue with an artist's paintbrush, the brush from an empty bottle of liquid paper correction fluid, or an old nail polish brush onto thin strips of toilet paper or paper towel. Roll your seed tape into a scroll then store in a container or airtight tin. You can plant the seeds out with your tape unto seed raising mix.

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The Main Idea of Giving Gifts

You don't necessarily need to buy gardening tools, gardening books, or anything obviously gardening-related as a gift for a gardening-loving loved one. Be more creative. The value of your gift isn't measured by its price but by your own effort in getting it selflessly.